Mission Trip to Pakistan


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I’m delighted that you found your way to this web page. I hope you enjoy spending time on these pages and join my efforts to make a difference in the world through education. I want to present a face from the United States filled with love and concern for people in a troubled area of the world. I want to show that Americans DO care, and that we are willing to go great distances and to great lengths to show our support.

On July 7th, Caroline, Ruth and I left Atlanta on a mission trip to Pakistan to lead workshops for the teachers in Christian schools. These schools were opened by the Presbyterian Church, nationalized by the Pakistani government in the 1970s, and recently returned to the Church. The teachers are dedicated to the mission of the schools, but training to support their students was not available during the nationalization of the prior 30 years.

With the support of Peachtree Presbyterian Church, which is partnering with the schools and their local governing body, the Presbyterian Education Board, we led workshops on early childhood education, science instruction, and English as a second language. These workshops were important because the primary mode of instruction in Pakistan is teachers lecturing and students taking notes. Think back on what primary school was like for you – do you remember doing creative and fun activities in kindergarten? Think back on your high school textbooks - do you remember how the questions at the back of every chapter started out easy and became harder? These methods are the result of decades of academic research and yet are virtually unknown in third world countries.

Education is free in the United States, but it costs money in Pakistan. In a country with limited resources and many poor families, education comes after food and shelter. If a family has money to send a child to school, they will send their sons first. Providing scholarship money for girls to attend school will open up opportunities beyond marriage that do not now exist for them.
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$60 can provide one year’s scholarship for one student.
$25 per month covers food, board and supplies for 1 boarding student who lives too far away to commute.
What Your Gift Can Do

All of the money you give will go to the schools in Pakistan. Nothing is used in the U.S. for administrative fees. I assure you that Veeda, Mubashir, Ijaz, and Simon make sincere efforts to keep costs down so that the maximum amount of money goes to building schools and providing scholarships. Even during our training Veeda reminded the teachers to turn out the lights to save energy and money.

I have never before felt so inspired to share 10% of my income. I invite you to join me on this journey of joy and faith that begins when you decide to make a difference in the world. If you would like to know more about anything you read, I hope you contact me at kathrynhutton@juno.com.

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September 2004

Murree Hills
Lahore Fort
Border Closing
Christian Hospital