Border Closing Ceremony

The crowd roars as their flag is waved in the "face" of the Indians, taunting, "We are here." The Indians do the same on their side.
Taunting the Indian side - think Georgia-Florida football game. This man will join the men in the stands and lead chants.
Striding wide and kicking high before the superior officer (on the block) and the ministers (to the left of the officer). This guard earlier had brought a group of women to where we were standing and told Fazia to move because the women were guests. Fazia told him that we were guests too [and we did not move]. Pakistan is a male-dominated society, but that did not stop Fazia from speaking her mind.
Marching back with the folded flag
Entance gate of the stadium where the ceremony takes place
The women's side of the stadium
Ruth, Caroline, Fazia, myself, Shazia. Fazia is a government official, which is quite an accomplishment as she is a woman and a Christian. Most Christians have the most menial jobs, like street cleaning. Through her connections we were able to rest on the lawn before the ceremony, where we were served tea and cookies.
On the Indian-Pakistan border with the lovely and outspoken Salman sisters, Aneela, Fazia, and Shazia. They are dressed in beautiful fabrics - we felt very dowdy in the clothes chosen by our hostess's husband.