Christian Hospital

The Christian Hospital was established with the financial help of the Presbyterian Church and serves all people.

This monument honors the physicians who have served in the hospital.

Painting by a Christian artist in memory of the four Christian nurses who were killed by a terrorist bomb.
Ward for patients recovering from eye surgery
This chapel is within the hospital compound, near its entrance. After the 2002 bombing, a barbed wire fence was erected and armed guards patrol.
Resting outside the hospital ward
Maternity ward: the 4-hour old baby poses with her uncle. Mama was not in the mood for pictures but happily covered herself with a sheet for her newborn to be photographed.
Proud grandma holds the day-old baby. The babies did not cry - the 110-degree heat suited them just fine!

A sign reads:

The church service was running late when it was bombed.  Fortunatley the nurses left early for their shifts. If the service had ended on time, many more people would have been hurt.

Monument to nurses killed on the site where the bomb landed. Shrapnel is still lodged in the church wall.