Murree Hills Estate Teacher Training, July 12-17

Shagufta was always elegantly dressed.
Tea time
An evening stroll through the resort town of Murree, where I bought gifts and a kameez (long over-shirt).
Singing, playing the harmonium and drums
Even bad singing in Urdu has its financial rewards, in addition to being entertaining.

Omar was our cook.

Mubashir and Liaqat work in the PEB office.


Yes, they do have soft-serve ice cream - but I would not eat it again after what the dairy product did to my insides!

Miss Mansur, principal


Kiddy transport - just like the brightly painted trucks and busses.

Families save their money for years in order to take a vacation to Murree. It is quite a thrill to tell their friends that they had a holiday in Murree


Enjoying an evening stroll with some of the teachers. Behind the mountain range in the background is the disputed Kashmir.

Jennifer dreams of coming to the USA.


Anjum and Shagufta

Evening entertainment - a traditional Punjabi dance

Men and women do not dance together. Physical contact, outside family members, is not culturally accepted.