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Once upon a time....

I took a tour of Prague's little castle on the hill.
Yes, it's the entire structure you see at the top of the hill with the red tile roofs, including the cathedral.

Just like Buckingham Palace, guards are
on duty at all times

Some of the old guards refuse to leave -
Semper Fi!
Visitors are encouraged to try out for the OGS (Old Guard Service)  
What's a castle without a cathedral

Golden Gates and all
And yes, this is a working castle. These are the offices of the sitting Czech president. Hence all the military gaurds.
And here we have a genuine medieval space heater. Originally wood fired, they've been retrofitted with modern heaters  
  This great hall originally had a dirt and stone floor. That was because they used to have jousting matches in it. I've been to some pretty outrageous house parties where fights broke out, but never to one where the combatants were on horseback!

These are the specially designed stairs that the horses would use to gain entrance to the hall

Here's another page of architectural details

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