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Once upon a time....

  From London to Poznan, Poland then a few days in Berlin, my Mom's home town    

The Brandenburg Gate - formally behind "The Wall"
  Originally facing toward the other way, the Soviets turned this statue around so that the horse's ass' were facing the west. Those wacky Russians.  
At various points along the route of the former wall, you will see memorials to those that gave their lives in the search of freedom. It may sound corny, but it's true - "Freedom isn't free". These crosses are in memory of those who died trying to cross the River Spree to freedom.
  The steeple you see here is what remains of the church that my mother, as a little girl, hoped to be married in. It was destroyed during World War II and was preserved to remind all of the horror of war. The tower to the right is part of the rebuilt church.
Some of the surviving artistry within the sanctuary

An amazing amount of re-development has taken place on the real estate formally occupied by the Berlin Wall. Even the spot on which the infamous "Checkpoint Charley" stood has been re-claimed. What remains is this sad little re-enactment. This guy kept asking me for a dollar when I tried to have my picture taken anywhere near him.

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