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Once upon a time....

      That’s how this story started. With a hike in the woods, a great conversation and a simple e-mail

Here are some of the responses to my travel query



Once upon a time…..

…..there was a boy and a beautiful smart blonde hiking through the woods. An idea came upon them. What would you do if someone gave you $100,000 on the condition that you had to travel for a year, and you had to leave right then? Would you do it? Where would you go? How would you go?


  Sent: Apr 11, 2006 6:08 PM
To: Pete
Subject: My great travel experience!!!!

ok , I have two choices: The first choices are beaches where I could go and not have to worry if my bathing suit looks good because you don't need one. I would get a great tan!!
  • Montalivet Beach in France
  • Ocho Rios in Jamaica
  • Wreck Beach in Canada
  • Samurai Beach in Australia
  • Praiado Pinho Beach in Brazil
  • Red Beach in Greece
  • Little Beach in Hawaii
When I'm sick of looking at [censored] then I would do some real site seeing at:
  • Croatia - Kolocep Island
  • England - Whipsiderry Beach - scenic cliffs and caves
  • France - Corsica Island - water sports, secluded
  • Italy - Lampedusa Island - campsites, skin diving
  • Spain - Calblanque - nude beach, but I figured by now I've forgotten the others
  • Australia - Great Barrier Reef Islands - Magnetic Island - bushwalking trails but not in Oct - May= need a stinger suit -I don't think so......
  • Hawaii - been there, done that
  • Brazil - Natel - dolphins
So there you have it - MY GREAT BEACH TRAVEL Now that you got me excited to travel, when do I leave!!!
Love, A. Nony Mus

  Sent: Apr 11, 2006 11:34 AM
To: pizzadel@mindspring.com
Subject: RE: Once upon a time...

Of course I would do it. I would give 30k(tax deductible) to build an orphanage in Guatemala City and would watch how far the 70k would stretch. I would travel "around the world"- Africa, Old Soviet, India, Central America. Buddy passes live cheap, eat expensive, help as many people on the way as I could.

  Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 10:34 AM
To: Pete
Subject: Re: Once upon a time...

OK, I get it now. I guess I react to ASH stuff sometimes because I spent most of my life being married (happily for many years) and cannot get used to the dynamics and the lingo of the singles scene. The rest of you might not even notice it.

But, you wanted an answer to your questions.

Money is not an incentive to get me to change my life. I have way more than the amount you stated in the bank. If what you really want to know is "if you were free to travel for a year and could afford to", here's my answer.

If someone could guarantee me that my dogs and my house would be well cared for and that I could come back to my job with no penalties if I chose, I would want to see the parts of the world that I have not seen yet (North Pole, Africa, South America, Asia, Australia, Antarctica) and I would prioritize in order of "how likely am I to get back here if I only have a few weeks off?". So probably start with Asia because there's so much to see, and hard to get to. I would do a safe but inexpensive trip and would plan a route and start through the list and just go until I ran out of time and/or money. I would want to do it with someone else (do they get the same deal, or do I pay for them?). I would try to line up towns and villages to stay in where I could donate my time in exchange for housing and food and see what peoples' lives are really like, and then intersperse those stays with hotel stays in the big cities. Doing it that way, I would probably get through the list


My favorite is from an old freinds beautiful little daughter:

I will start in september.Ok fine. I would first go to W.A to see my best friend I would go to all of the schools there. Then i will go to Italy to go skiing then i would go to antartica to ice fish. When Done I would Fly To Orgeon For The Christmas Dog Show. After that i would vist friends and family for a month. In Febuary I would go to the Bahamas for a 2 month vacation. I would go to all of the cool places in and around there. If Im not out of money by then i would travel across the world to China. In China I would learn Chinese From all of the fortuine cookies while i walk the wall of china back and forth. For the rest of the year i would go to France and spain to see sites. For example the leaning tower of piza. THen in rome ill do what the romens do. As the year comes to an end i will go home to my mom and dad and tell them all about my trips!!! And i would start a webstie just like yours!!!!!



And then there's Carl:

"At least this idea is safer than buying a motorcycle"

Stay away from any country that ends in STAN and any cities that end in BAD. I'd hate to see your beheading on an internet video. Remember your American and disliked in 95% of the world. Have fun!


Ok, back to reality:

I didn't know what you meant by "Once upon a time" I thought that you had left off a file or something. So someone is handing you $100,000 to go travel for a year, is that it? Man I would have a ton of ideas if it were me. South America and Asia come first to mind.

As far as capitalizing on it somehow. I used to have a friend that wrote travel articles. He contacted the magazines with a proposal & if they liked the story idea they would agree to review & consider his work after he got back. After he did that for a few years, he even got small advances from them (I guess that they needed to know if he could write & was reliable). He wrote about biking through Switzerland, for example.

I would contact the major magazines (Outdoors, Travel etc.) with your proposal. You may want to offer to send articles once a month for a series. Again, the problem is that they don't have any prior experience with you. So you could just document your trip & then try to sell it to them after you get back. If you are really good at this, you could expand one or more of those articles into a book... What have you got to lose?

So, how about some details, who is staking you and why? Are you planning to quit your job? Will this be a trip where you will try & 'work' your way around the world in small jobs or are you looking for high adventure, offbeat trips? You could always hike your way through several countries & write about the personal experiences that you get, sort of like the way the through-hikers on the Appalachian Trail write about who they met up with..


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