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This photo was taken in March of 2013(?), possibly the last time we were all together. The trunk is one our parents used when they left Germany at the end of World War II. The address is the first place they lived in the US.
When Mom and Dad needed a break, Aunt Inge and Uncle Gunther volunteered to take control for a while. They were great at taking us places in the D.C. area.

"Born To Be Wild" Howie Pete and Andy having fun in Wildwood NJ

Bob and Pete (?) in Wildwood
The Sadel Boys - Old and new!
Bob's Lutheran Church Confirmaion photo
Andy - age ?

Standing L to R: Bob Sadel, Uncle Gunther, Pete Sadel Ursual Sadel, Oma Johanna Schulz.
Kneeling: Andy Sadel, Howard Sadel

Mom and Howard